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Under The Door Tool

Under The Door Tool

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The Under Door Tool (UTDT) by KSec is the ultimate solution for professionals needing to gain access to lever handle doors from the outside. This specialised tool is ingeniously designed to slide beneath the door and reach the latch or handle, allowing for smooth and effective door opening without causing any damage. The UTDT is a versatile tool ideal for locksmiths, emergency responders, and security professionals who often encounter locked doors without access from the inside. With the Under Door Tool in your arsenal, you can confidently tackle challenging scenarios and provide timely and efficient solutions.

Stretches to a massive 43 inches! In black or Stainless steel.

The UTDT is comprised of 2 parts, and designed to open lever handle doors from the outside via reaching under the door. To meet commercial building codes lever handles are installed, in place of round handles. This insures that during an emergency situation the inside door remains unlocked while the outside door lever is locked.

43 inches in either Spring Steel Rod (Black) or Stainless steel
Removable stainless steel cable
The choice for hotels when card readers malfunction.

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