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Screen Crab

Screen Crab

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The Screen Crab by Hak5 is a stealthy video man-in-the-middle implant.

This covert inline screen grabber sits between HDMI devices - like a computer and monitor, or console and television - to quietly capture screenshots. Perfect for sysadmins, pentesters and anyone wanting to record what's on a screen.

WiFi enabled to stream screenshots via Hak5 Cloud C2.


The Screen Crab is already setup to save screenshots to a MicroSD card right out of the box. It will also automatically generate a config.txt file with the default settings. Changing these self-explanatory settings is just a matter of editing the text file. What could be easier?

The capture mode can be set to image or video, the capture interval can be set in seconds and the storage options can be set to either stop when the MicroSD card is full, or continuously capture - deleting the oldest file to make room for the newest. Further the LED and Button may be disabled and WiFi can be configured with simple parameters.


Watch the Screen Crab's screenshots live from anywhere when you connect it to WiFi and Cloud C². Our self-hosted command and control server lets you remotely manage all of your Hak5 gear. Change settings, download captured images and watch live in your web browser.Setting it up is easy. Add WiFi settings to the config.txt on the MicroSD card and copy the Cloud C² device file. That's it!


Plug and Play
No configuration necessary. Out of the box image are captured and saved to a MicroSD card at regular intervals

Cloud C² Enabled
Manage remotely, store images off-site and watch live in-browser with Hak5 Cloud C². Setup is as easy as copying a text file

Video Capture
Save full motion video in MPEG4 format at 2, 4 or 16 Mbps quality and never miss a frame of the action

Simple Configuration
Setting options is as easy as editing a text file. Edit config.txt on the root of the MicroSD card to control all functions

RGB LED Status
Know exactly what the Screen Crab is doing at a glance with a simple color coded LED, or disable the LED for additional stealth 

Lag Free Operation
With passive capture from the onboard video signal splitter, zero interruption or lag is present on the output display

Full HD 1080p
Support for most lower resolutions and downscaling/backwards compatibility for higher resolution devices

Storage Rotation
Loop recordings means never running out of disk space with the newest files overwriting the oldest

Large Card Support
Capture months worth of images with support for many SD Extended Capacity (SDXC) cards

WiFi Enabled
With a standard RP-SMA dipole antenna for great wireless performance


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