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Master Lock Pick Kit - Tension Wrenches & Case

Master Lock Pick Kit - Tension Wrenches & Case

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The Master Collection by KSec is the Ultimate Lock-picking Companion with Tension Tools and a Premium Case.

The kit includes:

  • 24 precision lock picks
  • Premium Pro Pick case
  • X6 Serrated Tension Bars
  • Tension Wrench Set

With 36 pieces in total, this set covers all your lock picking needs. Each pick is 0.024″/0.6mm thick, providing the perfect balance between precision and usability. The handles are designed for a solid grip without adding unnecessary weight, making your lock-picking experience smooth and efficient.

24 precision lock picks:

  • Bat Rake
  • City Rake
  • City Skyline Rake
  • Classic Rake
  • Double Ball Pick
  • Double Peak Rake
  • Euro Long Hook Pick
  • Euro Short Hook Pick
  • High Reach Hook
  • Hooked Diamond Pick
  • Hybrid Offset Pick
  • Hybrid Small Diamond Pick
  • Large Diamond Pick
  • Long Hook Pick
  • Offset Diamond Pick
  • Offset Half Ball Pick
  • Offset Rake
  • Short Hook Pick
  • Single Ball Pick
  • Single Peak Rake
  • Small Diamond Pick
  • Snake Rake
  • Standard Hook Pick
  • Triple Peak Rake
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