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Lishi – M1/MS2 (Master 4 Pin) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Lishi – M1/MS2 (Master 4 Pin) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

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The Lishi M1/MS2 (3 Pin) 2-in-1 Lock Pick and Decoder Tool—an all-in-one solution for picking, tensioning, and decoding. With graduated lines for precise pick tip placement, this tool ensures unparalleled ease of use. Once a lock is opened, the Lishi tool swiftly decodes the corresponding key’s bitting values. Specifically designed for the M1/MS2 (3 Pin) Master keyway, a prevalent residential keyway in the U.S.A. & UK. This variant fits locks from brands like Master Padlocks, offering efficiency and compatibility in one.

Included in the package are the Lishi tool itself, a hex key for securely tightening the collar, and a convenient case for storage and portability.

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