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Flipper Devices Inc

Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero

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Powerful, pocket-sized. The Flipper Zero is the ultimate multi-tool for geeks, pentesters and hardware enthusiasts alike.


The Flipper Zero is the ultimate multi-tool for pentesters, geeks, ethical hackers and hardware hobbyists alike. One pocket-sized device combines multiple tools: RFID, RF, Infrared, HID emulation, GPIO, Hardware debugging, 1-Wire, Bluetooth, Wifi and more.

Inspired by great open-source projects: Proxmark, HydraNFC, Rubber Ducky, pwnagotchi - the Flipper Zero manages to pack serious functionality into a tiny, professionally manufactured device - and stays true to its Open Source roots.

Entirely independent, the Flipper Zero requires no external computer or hardware to function - everything is driven by the its 5-way navigation button and LCD screen. When connected to a computer or the included Android / iOS apps, the Flipper can be extended, modified, upgraded and reflashed according to your needs.

With over two years of meticulous design, prototyping and iteration, the Flipper Zero is a mature platform, ready to use out of the box, meeting the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.


  • 1x Flipper Zero
  • 1x USB-A - USB-C Cable

    NOTE: A microSD card is not includedKingston Canvas Select Plus 64GB is recommended.


      • Screen: 128x64 1.4" LCD Monochrome (Backlit)
      • Tactile Controls: 5-Way Direction Pad + Select Button
      • Internal Battery: LiPo 2000mAh (7-days without charge)

      • CPU:
        • STM32WB55RG
        • ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit 64 MHz (Application Processor)
        • ARM Cortex-M0+ 32 MHz (Network Processor)

      • Buzzer: 100-2500Hz
      • Vibration Motor
      • Memory: 1024KB Flash, 256KB SRAM
      • Storage: MicroSD (Up to 64GB)
      • Connectivity: USB 2.0, Type-C

      • Dimensions: 100 x 40 x 25 mm
      • Weight: 102g


      • RF:
        • Chipset: TI CC1101
        • Frequency bands: 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz
        • TX Power: 0dBm Max (~100m transmit range)
      • RFID:
        • High Frequency / 13.56MHz
          • ISO-14443A/B
          • NXP Mifare® Classic/Ultralight/DESFire/etc
          • FeliCa™
          • NFC Forum protocols
        • Low Frequency / 125KHz
          • Modulation: AM / PSK / FSK
          • Supported Cards: EM400x, EM410x, EM420x
          • HIDProx, Indala
          • T5577
      • GPIO:
        • 3.3v CMOS Level
        • 5V tolerant
        • Up to 20mA per digital pin
      • Infrared:
        • RX/TX Frequency: 800-950nm
        • TX Power: 300 mW
      • Bluetooth:
        • Bluetooth LE 5.0
        • TX Power: 0dBm Max
        • RX Sensitivity: -96dBm
        • Data Rate: 2 Mbps
      • iButton 1-Wire:
        • Dallas DS1990A
        • CYFRAL


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